How to Prepoo Natural Hair?

Let’s start by defining the word.

Regimen: a prescribed course of medical treatment, way of life, or diet for the promotion or restoration of health. (In other words A Systematic Plan)

Synonyms: procedure, rule, process, administration.

There are multiple steps that people take to care for their hair. Due to multiple factors like hair porosity, texture, environment and geographical location, one chooses a specific regimen that works for their specific hair needs. Below I will explain and describe the various regimens that work to aid the health of natural hair.20170903_134235

To name a few there is the LCO/LCB (Liquid Cream Oil/Butter), LOC/LBC (Liquid Oil/Butter Cream), LOCO/LOCB (Liquid Oil Cream Oil/Butter), LCOB (Liquid Cream Oil Butter), Curly Girl Method, Maximum Hydration Method. We can fill pages using acronyms and naming processes but how does all this come into play in the real world. The thing is, the natural hair community has become a cash cow and so many, too many products are flooding the market so many and even I at times become overwhelmed. There are a million products for multiple and specific processes. Do you really need to buy 20 bottles of products to care for your hair? NO

The fact still stands that there are some fundamental processes that must be followed. Hair must get washed, it must be conditioned and the moisture needs to be sealed in to make sure the strands do not dry out and break. Whether you choose butters over oils, store bought shampoos over apple cider and healing clay cleansers and clarifiers or  even choose to grow your own aloe vera plants to use as conditioner or just grab something at the store, consistency in your hair care is key. To see results and actually tell if a certain process is working or not, you have to keep at it for a while. I love to do and watch first impression videos and they are helpful but using a product once and seeing great results does not give you a longterm view of how the product actually worked on your hair. Using that same concept, there is only one way to know if your hair regimen is actually helping your hair health. Consistently following a process will help you see true results. Hair health just like skin is a continuous process that needs continuous nurturing. The choice is yours on which process to adhere to.



To be honest this took a while for me to figure out; that you don’t need to buy out the entire isle of ethnic hair care in the store to take care of my hair. Like I mentioned above, you need a good cleanser, conditioner, and oil/butter for the basic care of your hair. Below is a simple regimen I recommend that doesn’t require many products. I do want to mention that trying different products is ok, just remember that you have to give it time to see how your hair actually responds to that specific product. That’s the only way to know your hair needs and build your ‘go-to’ products.

Daily / Every Other Day: This is essentially for those that wear their hair out and not in some form of protective style. Fill a spray bottle with water and as you get more comfortable and more adventurous, you can add or use aloe vera juice and rose water then spray your hair each night before twisting it up for bed. This helps to keep your hair moisturized. Use your discretion on how much or if any oil should be used based on when you will wash your hair again.

Weekly / Bi-Weekly: Ok this is where things get fun. Start with a basic oil you can easily get at the store like olive or grapeseed oil. Apply this to your hair before shampooing your hair. This reduces hygral-fatigue (check out my post that explains this here). Do this for an hour then wash your hair. Some people refused to shampoo because of the sulfates and chemicals that are drying to the hair but guess what, they make sulphate-free shampoos now yet still people would rather use a conditioner (co-wash). If you are a co-wash ride-or-die that’s fine, just make sure you are doing some type of hair cleansing and clarifying in addition to that co wash. After washing your hair of all that gunk, deep condition. You can make your own or just buy one. This will infuse your hair strands with moisture and nutrition. After the recommended time I usually do it for at most 45mins, rinse it out and then use a regular rinse out conditioner. These conditioners unlike the deep conditioners, work on the outside of your strands for strengthening and fortifying your hair shaft. Apply an oil or butter to seal that moisture in and style as desired.

Monthly: Once each month I recommend a protein treatment. This strengthens the hair strands and gives your hair that bounce back. All that moisture can be detrimental to your hair. There must be a bit of balance between moisture and protein. I also encourage you to add if it’s not already in your routine, an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse. This will help balance the pH of your hair which will help with the feel, and appearance of your hair and to add on to that, it clarifies your hair and has natural healing properties for your scalp.

Ok so I guess you are looking at me side-ways and thinking ” girl you talk too much, just tell us what your regimen is!” I hear ya and that page is linked under this one on the pages tab above, or you can just click here.


Let’s break this down a bit more shall we. What products would I recommend to use for each process without breaking the bank? There are products that can be used for multiple purposes. Well….here goes:

Oil: One of my favorite thing ever on this planet. Very useful! You can use an oil for detangling your hair as it has great slip. You can use an oil before and after washing and a prepoo and sealant respectfully. You can use an oil to as a scalp moisturizer or to heal any ailments that your scalp might have. Olive oil, grapeseed oil and coconut oil are very easy to get at a store and the great thing is because of the demand, most stores now offer extra virgin versions of these oils.

Water: Plain water is as hydrating as it gets. If you are lacking funds or ran out of your moisturizer or leave-in conditioner, just use water. Water is useful for the washing process and adding moisture to the hair.

Leave-in Conditioner: Guess what, you can turn your regular conditioner into a leave-in by mixing just a little of it in water. Do a 1:5 ratio and you are good to go. It will give your hair a soft feel and also add sheen to it.

Conditioner: This is a product that can have multiple uses. You can use it to detangle your hair and also if you put it in your hair and cover your hair with a plastic cap as you would when deep conditioning, you have turned it into a temporary deep conditioner.

To sum it up, all you really need is an oil, water, and a conditioner. Oh wait you need use a shampoo or a clarifying / cleansing conditioner or black soap and ACV to clean those strands.