Natural Hair FAQ

  1. How long have I been natural? I cut off all my hair, well almost all, I had a very short cut on the 27th of July in 2011. I did the Big Chop.
  2. What is my curl pattern? I honestly just say I have type 4 hair. As with many naturals, I have different curl patterns and textures throughout my hair. In the front some strands can actually fall in the 3c category but here goes; I have 4b hair at the back, 4c in the middle and a mixture of 4a,b, and 3c in the front.
  3. Why did I “go natural”? I dread answering this question because I feel like my story is a letdown. I hear many eye-opening, spiritually awakening stories that people tell as the reason that they went natural and my story is as simple as it gets. I decided to cut off my hair because it was breaking and damaged. I wanted a fresh start. My initial thoughts were not to remain natural. I was going to grow my hair out then relax it once it was shoulder length. I ended up loving my look and my hair that I decided to stay natural.
  4. What is my hair color? I naturally have black hair but I recently colored my hair bright auburn which currently looks like a regular auburn.
  5. Do you use heat on your hair? Yes, I do, I do this rarely but I do. I own a straightening brush. I used to own a flat iron and blow dryer but I threw those away. I am shopping for a hooded hair dryer.
  6. What’s my go-to hairstyle? You know what, lately I’ve been loving the wash and go. I used to hate it because of all the detangling I have to do before and after but I am just loving it. I just put my gel in and don’t have to worry about frizz all day. I used to be all about the braidout but in this humid weather this 2017 summer, the wash and go has been winning.
  7. What’s the one natural hair rule I always break? Well, I don’t always break this rule but I break it the most; I sometimes go to bed without twisting my hair. I just wrap my hair in a satin scarf and pray for the best. I always wear my scarf or whatever headgear though.
  8.  Who are my favorite natural hair bloggers/vloggers? The list could go on seriously! Whitney (Naptural85), Layla (Fusion of colors), NappyFu (, Jenell (KinkyCurlyCoilyMe), Narada (AfrikanHairGod)
  9. Who is my natural hair crush? Jess aka Mahoganycurls. Her hair always looks so juicy
  10. What’s the best advice I would give a newly natural? Be patient. Take your time when styling or doing maintenance. Be patient with growth and hair length. Be patient with people accepting your hair (you will receive some ignorance). Just be patient.