Obia Naturals Full Product Review!!!

picsart_01-25-05-11-44.jpgI made it my point this year to start consciously supporting and buying black and also using clean products and consuming clean food. My dear friend has been raving about the Obia Naturals brand and after she sent me the Babassu deep conditioner, I was intrigued, impressed and sold. Y’all already know how I feel about that product as I have briefly reviewed it in a recent post. Today I am reviewing every product I have used so far from Obia Naturals.

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The Mane Choice Natural Hair Products

I’m gonna just be honest with you, this year is definitely going well for me so far. I feel happier, I am fulfilled and now this…. I have been blessed to keep growing closer to one of the most genuine person I have never met in person! Hear all about who she is in the videos below. I know we are in March now and I took forever to post these products but hey, a girl’s gotta rest. WATCH ME UNBOX MY HAIR VALENTINE’S GIFT HERE!!!! Of course I had to test out these products as soon as possible, so I did a first impression review … Continue reading The Mane Choice Natural Hair Products