Shea Butter for Hair and Skin


With the way hair and skincare are always a topic of discussion, I’m sure finding a person who hasn’t heard of or tried Shea butter is quite rare. I’m particularly proud of this picture I used because this is the first DIY whipped Shea Butter I have ever created. I mixed in olive oil and coconut oil. I liked it, but loved the experience of creating my own products. There’s something about creating, producing and preparing things for my own use.

When one searches for Shea butter two types usually pop up; the Ivory/White Shea which is what i always order (not to be mistaken for the bleach white refined Shea butter)and is pictured in this post, and the Yellow Shea Butter. There is unrefined and refined and also Grades A-D. The difference between these is the way they are extracted and processed. It’s always best to go for unrefined products in my opinion because they are not altered by chemicals. They are in their most natural form. The unrefined butter maintains it nutty, earth scent and nutrients. Commercial grades remove this scent and the end result is a bleach white butter that is odorless and retains little to no nutrients.

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