Founded by Yemurai Crawford, Learning Natural Hair is a blog and website created to teach, inspire and encourage natural hair care, styling and maintenance.

Olive Oil for Natural Hair GrowthMy name is Yemurai; most people call me Yem.
I’m the founder of Learning Natural Hair. I was born and raised by my awesome parents in the capital city of Zimbabwe; Harare. I now reside in The United States of America with my husband and beautiful boys.

After graduating with my Accounting Degree from Midway University in Kentucky, I found myself developing a passion for blogging and writing. Creating content for my YouTube channel has become one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

On this blog, you will get to enjoy all things related to natural hair. As a natural hair enthusiast, I find myself constantly researching products and the nature of our hair. I’m excited to share my journey and learn together with you the do’s and don’ts of Natural Hair Care.

I enjoy experimenting with natural oils and butters. I find pleasure in testing and reviewing different brands that cater to my natural hair. I enjoy finding new ways to style my hair. I’m addicted to sharing what I learn! I’m sure you get it now; I LOVE ALL THINGS NATURAL HAIR.


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Many people are embracing their natural hair and that’s commendable. Check out my blog posts for more insight on just what you need, to enjoy your natural hair journey. Many focus on growing long and healthy tresses and that’s alright. However, to grow long hair, it must be healthy. That’s why my main focus is Natural Hair Care & Maintenance. I share, tips on natural hair maintenance, tutorials and ideas on natural hairstyles, I enjoy reviewing products and sharing my thoughts on them and how best to use them. Products are becoming extremely pricey as more companies are zoning in on the natural hair community as their main target market so instead of you wasting your money on products that might not work for your hair, feel free to take note of my experiences with some of these products on the shelves.


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As every woman does, I too like to switch it up a bit now and again. The magic is in the versatility of our hair. Our strands are strong enough to hold the weight of jumbo braids and yet light enough to flow with the wind. I can rock a tight curl wash and go style today, straight sleek hair tomorrow, then rock my fierce afro the next day. It’s so easy to switch it up and still be able to enjoy my hair in its natural state without chemically altering the texture and curl pattern.


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When you fall in love with your hair, it’s easy to want to cater to every need it has. It also sometimes leads us to the path of destruction as we fall for every word our favourite hair blogger suggests. There are so many processes that have flooded the internet and this can be overwhelming. Yes, sometimes too much information can be destructive. For many years I have been caring for my natural hair. For many years I have tried many things on my hair; the fails and successful both. On this site, I share all the information I have learned and all that I am still learning as I grow.