Why You Should Know Your Natural Hair

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We live in such a materialistic, purchase driven world and because of this we get lost and lose sight of our goals. With so many products on the market, natural hair products, color treated hair, damaged hair, frizzy hair, we tend to fall prey to the marketing strategies these companies use to draw us in. Can you put a number to the dollar amount you have spent on products? With the knowledge you now have of how to care for your hair, do you feel like that was a waste or an investment?

There are advantages and incredible downsides to the abundance of knowledge the internet provides. Many articles on the same topic but different or opposing material. Who do we listen to? Who do we trust? Do we focus on the larger sites because hey, ‘for them to get that much activity, they must be right‘? Do we trust the youtuber with 100,000 subscribers instead of the one with 600? How do we know these internet teachers are credible?

The truth is we don’t until we study or put into practice the information they have offered and observe our results.

Girl where are you going with this?

My point is, don’t be quick to follow. I treat everything as an experiment. A hypothesis, testing it out and the observation! Did it work? What needs to be changed?

My hair, your hair, is not always going to react/respond the same way hers will. That’s why i encourage you to get your hands dirty and KNOW your hair. Build a relationship with your natural hair. That way before you even set out to buy a product, you have an idea of how your hair might respond and whether or not the ingredients are what your hair currently needs 😉


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  1. soooooo true! I think I’ve been natural for a while, but I think so many people go into expecting their fro to look like some girl on instagram and it leads to disappointment because they didn’t give themselves time to appreciate their own.


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