Natural Hair Problems

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Instead of bombarding you with intense info on Natural Hair Care, I decided to start with  highlighting struggle of being natural. Like many naturals out there and those that aren’t, I have a love and hate relationship with my mane. As beautiful as she is and as tamed as she may look once I step out, she does keep me on my toes behind closed doors. Here are some of my #naturalhairproblems:
1) Lint Paranoia: One thing that annoys the living breath out of me is the presence of lint on clothes and especially on/in hair. With the texture of my hair I have noticed that it’s extremely easy for things to get caught in it. I remember walking through a ball of gnats and a few were stuck in my hair. How disgusting right? I have to avoid clothing that is wooly and towels and blankets because I would be walking around with little white specks in my hair. I dread winter because scarves are my passion.
2) Weather update: Because my hair responds to humidity and moisture in certain ways, I find myself planning my styles according to the weather that day or the day of whatever event I am attending. Say bye bye to spontaneity. Living in Alabama I find myself dealing with constant humidity, Protective styles and wash and go’s are my go to because otherwise I would be a walking around with a huge fuzz-ball on my head,
3) Scarf Issues: Of course we all know that whether or not one is natural, it’s typical for black women to wear a scarf to bed, it protects the hair, keeps moisture in, keeps hair smooth and keeps the style intact. For styles like ponytails and high buns and puffs, I obviously need to use gel to sleek down that hair. For the gel to mould and hold in place I have to set it by wearing a scarf for a while. sometimes I do my hair in the morning for an event I am attending at night so I just leave my scarf on. I know it looks bad. It gives the impression that I still haven’t showered yet.
4) Product Selection: Is it me or are there just too many products that claim to do the same thing, seem to have the same ingredients and happen to be priced the same? Everytime I have to restock, I get a massive headache trying to figure out what I want to try next! I tend to get tired and go for my ride or die, Shea Moisture coconut and hibiscus products.
5) Breaking the bank: Keeping price products in mind. I just want to know if sometimes you don’t want to compromise the health of your hair so you sacrifice for the products you want? No? Oh really? So I’m the only one who has decided not to do laundry for the week just so I could use that $20.00 on some Shea Butter? lol
6) Time: It’s now the norm for me to have time slots for my hair. I have to factor in time to retwist each night and for wash days and styling. This hair demand a lot of my attention y’all.
7) Selfie Struggle: I know I’m not the only person who takes about 15 selfies and still can’t find one worth sharing! The reflection in the mirror if fierce but that camera just won’t let you be great!!!
8) Hair tie accessory: What’s the point of bracelets anymore? I always have a scrunchy or two on my wrist. They have become a permanent accessory of mine. Honestly I don’t notice them there anymore. I’m that chick who dresses up, gets glam and loses fashion points because of that one little mishap!
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