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PicsArt_01-17-10.24.04.jpgWith all this protective styling I decided to give my hair a break for a day. It’s important to let your hair and scalp rest from the tension the styles create.

After putting on my beautiful Africa shaped earrings, I saw it fit that I rock my fro today.

One thing I have heard from many people is that our afros are intimidating. They are no longer viewed as nappy and unkempt. They just express so much without uttering a word.

The hair of a black/African woman is intimidating for various reasons. It’s not news that a woman of color possesses power within her. The kind of power that weakens the knees and builds nations. Society did a number on us though.

We have been lead to believe we are less than. We have been made to believe true beauty is something a black woman can obtain only by abiding by the standards of European beauty.

So when one sees an afro on a woman of color standing tall, wide and proud it’s not a surprise that one is intimidated. A woman who freely, proudly and without fear rocks her afro is confident; she is self-knowledgeable, self-assured and full of purpose.

How My Fro Makes Me Feel…

I feel like a queen. For some reason I stand taller, my hips sway, and my chin stays up. My fro in a way turns into a crown and I wear it with pride.

***I do cringe with worry at the end of the day when I think about tangles and knots lol**

How does your afro make you feel?

Click here to see a video of how I achieve my fluffy, flirty fun afro.

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