All About Scalp Massagers

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Hair grows at a certain rate each week or month for everyone except for those with health or genetic issues. The number given is about half an inch a month and I must note that this is the average number given. There are of course people who fall a bit below or slightly higher than that generalized rate fo growth. For people who desire and work towards longer hair, it goes without saying that scalp massages should be a part of your daily routine.

Scalp massages stimulate blood flow which in turn stimulates hair growth. The more your blood reaches your follicles and feeds it with nutrients needed for growth, the better your chances of stimulating that hair growth you want.


For years many bloggers have reviewed many tool and gadgets marketed as scalp massagers. Whitney aka naptural85 produced a detailed review of multiple if not most of the scalp massagers on the market. These massagers range from low to high end and this is a video that can truly be appreciated because, with so many individual product reviews, it can be time-consuming to watch them all just to come to a decision.

Watch the video above to get more information should you decide to retire your fingers or just upgrade your routine with a little vibration or metallic and rubber; whatever floats your boat.

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