Whitney White aka Naptural 85 Weighs in on a White Man’s (Onision) views on BLACK HAIR

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I’m not going to lie to you. When I saw the title and the thumbnail I felt a little disappointed. Whitney is one of the natural guru O.G’s still making awesome relevant and genuine content on YouTube and everyone knows how I look up to her and admire her so much!

I thought to myself, “Not you too! Don’t fall for the response video mania too!” So I clicked on the video and could not stop smiling the whole time! Again, as usual, the graceful Natural Queen spoke and I expect the masses to follow suit.

Our dignified Naptural85 clearly and firmly stated her opinion and left. There is no confusion and no hidden messages so watch the video and I pray you listen; especially if you indulge in these ‘black-hate videos’.


I can’t say I have never watched a video of someone directly or indirectly bashing black people but specifically black women. I have and the negative energy did affect my day. I since realized that only I am responsible for what I allow to enter my spirit. Only I am to blame when my thoughts are jumbled due to watching a hateful video or listening to hate speech.

I too love to indulge in a bit of reality TV but whenever I find myself becoming too involved or I feel a bit too strongly about people’s actions or words on a show, I distance myself from it.

I make it  habit to start my day with quiet time where I center myself then listen to an inspirational and motivational video, book or speech. The less drama I watch or entertain, the less stressed and unfocused I become.

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