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The last thing I look for when in Dollar General is any hair product. If buying anything related to hair it would be bobby pins. I came across Bella Curls a while ago and recorded my first impression review found at the end of this post. The amount was what really found inviting because it was a little less that half of what I normally pay for my natural hair products. Here are my findings:

Bella Curls Coconut Creme Co-wash:

This co-ash provided very little suds as I expected because it is not a shampoo. The consistency was runny and most importantly it cleanses well. My hair felt moisturized and i was able to detangle with it. I do wish the product came in a squeeze out bottle because the pump was hard to handle once my hands became slippery while applying it through my hair.

Bella Curls Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner:

Look, I love it when a conditioner gives me great slip and this one did not disappoint. It has amazing slip. The consistency was thicker than the co-wash but not as thick as a normal conditioner. I would say it had the consistency of a quality body lotion. The scent is delicious. I found it easy to apply it and run it through my hair and it penetrated my strands well.

Bella Curls Coconut Creme Curl Defining Creme:

This creme is very thick and smells great. I was able to do some further detangling with it so i loved that it had good slip. From the results you will see in the video below, this styler has good hold. My curs were pretty.

In the video below I showed my first impression results.


Initially what I hated is that I used these products in the order I reviewed them and I received a good hold but the products were too heavy on my hair, I had build up and the hair was dull. After reading the comments on my video I received many tips on what may help with the dullness and everything I did not like about my results.

  • I styled my hair using just the leave-in and an oil after co-washing my hair and the results were really awesome.  My hair was defined and felt very soft and moisturized. It did however frizz up and turn into an afro after i spent the day out in humid conditions.
  • I skipped the leave-in and used a little less of the styler and added an oil and the results I received were still a bit of dullness. My hair was defined but unfortunately the dull look remained. The oil definitely helped bring some shine to my hair. I liked that i used less of the creme because my hair was not weighed down as you saw in the video above.


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  1. I bought this product,thinking that it would moisture deeply…Im a 4c hair ,and my hair in need of a lot of moisture…I love the amber color bottle..but plastic tho.when I first began to apply the products to my hair ..I knew than that it would not moisture it..I was rough feeling as I continue…It also cause my hair to feel much rougher as I began to rinse,..Once all products was rinse out…I didn’t feel much moisture or softness.


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