Without My Hair – A different perspective!!!

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Recently a well known and beloved Jada Pinkett-Smith confessed to the world that she has been dealing with loss of hair. I loved what she said. In the midst of having clumps of hair in her shower and shaking with fear, she had a reality check.

She talked about everything that could go wrong. How people are afflicted with incurable diseases and i’ll take it further to loss of lives. This made her realize that hair loss is not all that a big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. She is right. It’s just hair.

Women are so attached to hair makeup and anything that enhances our outward appearance that we lose our wits when any of those is removed. Yes, we all want and love to look our best; that’s a given. However i think the main point is to priorities our thoughts, feeling and fears, to more dire situations.

So in reference to my previous article on “without my hair”, I still stand firm on it, treat your hair to some TLC but I will add today that do not forget that it’s just hair after all.

Watch the uplifting conversation between Jada, her mom and her daughter.



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