Without My Hair

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What would life be like without my hair.  I have invested so much of my time on a part of my body that I cut, trim and chop at a whim. What would I have done with that 30 minutes I spent deep conditioning my hair? What in the world is the point to all this hair?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Do you sometimes feel like you are wasting time on something that really has not much significance or value? Ever wonder why we get so fixated on hair? Our natural hair?


Well I think that it is not time wasted. I believe that my hair is an extension of my body so why not cater to it and take care of it. I admit, in the beginning i did spend too much time trying products, styles and treatments but i view that as an investment. If it weren’t for that phase, i would not know my hair the way i do today. If it weren’t for all that time spent, I would not know as much as I know about natural hair so that was educational.

Have you ever asked yourself if you are wasting time taking showers, applying moisturizers, exfoliating and working out. All these are investments in ourselves! Your hair, my hair, our natural hair is no different.

You better show your hair some love shawty!!








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