Revlon Salon One- Step Hair Dryer and Styler

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This product has been the topic of discussion in the natural community. A brush, that is also a blow dryer; and styler? So of course I had to grab it after watching a few Look, whether or not I have a shopping problem is not what’s important right now. What matters is that I get to try fun gadgets like these and tell you all about it lol.

Now this brush claims to be light weight, great at detangling and capable of styling, reduces frizz and pretty much turn water into wine.20180510_104405

I like the handle of this brush. It truly is easy to use and pretty comfortable in my hand. The thickness and length gives me control and i don’t feel like adjusting with every stroke. It’s no lie that it is lightweight however, after a while that weight takes a toll on your arm but nothing unbearable.


It has 4 settings which is great for me. Though i get the importance of monitoring the temperature we use on our hair, I just find it tedious. There is the OFF, COOL, LOW and HIGH setting. The Cool setting is just warm to me. Unlike some blow dryers that actually blow cool air, this setting gives luke-warm air.  The High setting does get hot should you concentrate on a single section for too long (but why would you unless you are craving heat damage).


There is the claim of reducing frizz and adding shine. I agree with the shine, my hair had sheen but for frizz I won’t speak on it because, I did not wear my hair long enough and simply doubt it because i have high porosity hair (aka my cuticles stay up lol) and if we add humidity to that…poof!


Though I did detangle my hair prior to brushing, I think this brush has bristles that are great for detangling. It was easy to run through my hair and after it all, I had less shed hair in the brush that I usually would on my usual  blow drying session. I use medium sections and I love that the bristles are sturdy and durable. they are not flimsy and easily bend considering my hair is quite thick and heat is involved too.

Watch it in action below:

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