Deep Conditioner vs Hair Mask

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Moisturizing Deep Conditioner: In many cases this type of product is extremely moisturizing ans provides great slip for detangling purposes. The main purpose for this product is to re-establish the moisture levels in your strands. When you find your hair brittle and snapping into pieces, this is the product you would grab of the shelf.

Strengthening Deep Conditioners: These are deep conditioners that provide your hair with some strength in structure. When you have your hair very limp or too stretchy, you are lacking some strength. A strengthening product does help in making your curls and coils snap back and give you that bounce back we all love. Many people will run for a protein deep conditioner to strengthen hair but not everyone likes protein so I was so happy when I realized there are products out there that actually strengthen without the inclusion of protein.

For those that use heat, definitely include a strengthening deep conditioner to combat heat damage (in addition to good heat-use practices of course).


Mask/Masque: to cover, hide or conceal a thing. A hair masque hides damage regarding the integrity and overall appearance of your hair. In many cases this type of product does not provide amazing slip for detangling and one wouldn’t expect it to make the hair any softer than usual. It’s main purpose is to strengthen so when something is made strong we immediately think of rigidity.

So what’s our take away from this? Deep conditioners soften and masks strengthen

At the end of the day, companies are not always known to naming their products factually. Just keep this in mind when purchasing a product, “focus on what the company claims it is intended for and what the results are to be.” Don’t just grab a bottle simply because it says leave-in or deep conditioner.  Ask yourself, “What does my hair need and can the product in that jar provide that?”

In the video below I was curious to see what the difference is between a deep conditioner and hair mask from the brand Obia Naturals. I just wanted to do a side by side test to see how my hair would respond to each. Check it out and let me know your thoughts 🙂

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