Deep Conditioner vs Hair Mask

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IMG_20180330_105758I never stopped to think of what the difference was. I guess maybe in my mind I thought since the process is similar or the same for both, they must do the same thing. You apply the product, wear a plastic cap for a while, and wash it out. There are differences between a mask/masque and a deep conditioner and that’s what we are addressing today.


Deep Conditioner:  a substance or cosmetic, applied to something to improve its condition. Deep conditioners are meant to infuse the hair with moisture and  nourishment. This product should penetrate the strand and work its magic. In order to fight, reduce and stop breakage, you need to nourish, strengthen and moisturize your hair. A deep conditioner improves the condition of your hair strands.

Natural hair needs moisture. If there is one fact that many naturals live by, it’s the constant goal of keeping hair moisturized, always. So that’s where deep conditioners come in. We have moisturizing deep conditioners and strengthening deep conditioners.

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