Afro is thee Summer Go-To

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For almost 6 years I have been under a spell. A spell that made me believe that my hair only looks it’s best when defined. This year is my 7th nappyversary and I’m happy to announce that I freed myself from said spell. Look I can’t tell you enough how liberating an afro is to me. I have reclaimed some of my time that i would spend trying to define each and every strand on my head. Let me tell you my reasons for picking the fro as my summer style this year:

Frizz: I deal with a lot of humidity where I live. This means that many times throughout the years I have had many stressful style mishaps. I’d have the most defined twistout and 30 mins after I left the house, My twist out would start turning into a fluffy ball of hair. Why go through all that just to end u with an afro? Just fro it up girl!


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  1. So funny – we always see something differently in the mirror than what others see. I love your fluffy ‘fro and would have thought it was intentional. I’m glad the spell has been broken!

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