Obia Naturals Full Product Review!!!

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picsart_02-05-07-51-12.jpgWell, who’s a happy girl right now? ME that’s who. I have had a love and hate relationship with gels and edge tamers because my styles would either end up crunchy and crusty, or too sleek or not sleek at all. I never could get a product that gave me all i needed in a jar.

20180309_113638.jpgHere’s my dream product; it has to have hold but not stiff. I need it to lay my hair but not sleek it down. I hate the look of having an afro or kinky hair with relaxed edges look. I need the product to last a while, I mean if the jar is empty from 2 wash and go’s then I can without a doubt tell you that my credit card will decline it. Does the Curl Enhancing Custard from Obia Naturals fit the description? Before I get to my results let me tell you a bit about the product. It contains no alcohol and leaves no hard crunchy feeling after it dries. It is easy to apply and also has great hold for styles like wash and go’s and twist-outs.

20180316_103830After cutting my hair I have noticed how coily my hair has been and I love how this product defines all of them and makes my hair look really juicy and healthy. This custard adds sheen to the hair and I love that because with some gels especially those that have alcohol, I would have to add an oil to try to get some shiny strands but now I don’t need to.

In conclusion I love products that I can safely use on myself and on my children. If you follow our Instagram page you have seen me applying this product on my son’s hair. Try these products and let me know what you think of them.

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