Obia Naturals Full Product Review!!!

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IMG_20171030_130613.jpgThis protein free, moisturizing deep conditioner has been my only deep conditioner for the past two months and I do not seeing that changing. Well, they have introduced the hair mask so i will be trying that for a bit of protein infusion but this baby is now my holy grail product. I have already posted about this in my previous post on deep conditioners I love so feel free to check that out when you have a chance. Nothing about this deep conditioner has changed for me since that post. I am still in love with the amount of moisture my hair is given and the slip that helps me detangle my hair. 20180307_103613Honestly Obia naturals caters to people with kinky, coily, and curly hair because they made sure their products have enough slip to aid in detangling. All product make sure our hair is moisturized and nourished. From my understanding these products are carefully formulated by the CEO Obia who is the formulating chemist for her company. I honestly love this because yes it’s great that she is educated in what she is doing but the added advantage is that she herself has hair that resembles her market makes her products perfect for us. I love that this deep conditioner needs no help. I get a slight detangle and thorough cleaning from the shampoo and then deep moisture and detangling from the deep conditioner. My hair also feels stronger after rinsing it out and it is very easy to rinse out. This deep conditioner lasts long too. You only need a little to coat your hair and let it do it’s magic!

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