Jumbo Box Braids Are My New Fave!!!

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I am proud to say that I am now ale to braid. In the tutorial below I show you how to braid using rubber bands. Honestly this type of styling came as a godsend to me because every time I braided my hair it would never be tight enough at the base. I always looked like I had installed the braids the prior month even though they were done the previous day. I watched a few tutorials on YouTube and tried it. I loved it.


I installed 32 braids in my hair the first time I attempted this style and I loved it. The response was positive too. It took me a short time to install, well, compared to small box-braids of course. I used the cheapest hair I could find and that’s the $1.99 Kanekalon hair that many beauty supply stores sell. I washed and reused these for an extra use before throwing the hair away due to matting and frizzing.

For the next go round I chose to splurge and spend an extra dollar on hair that was already structured in a way that it feathers off at the ends. I strongly advise you to just get this hair if your feathering skills are not quite there yet so that your ends are somewhat even after installing all your braids. I loved this hair because I was able to use it 4 times before it was useless to me.


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