Iron For Hair Growth

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20180119_155833.jpgI tend to be one of those people who ignore health instructions form nurses and doctors. Why? I have no clue. If you are like me, stop it. For the past 4 years of my life I have been told at every check up that my iron levels are low and in some cases too low. Pregnant or not, my iron levels are low. I need to take iron supplements but I used to hate them as they would cause constipation; so I stopped. I have lived for these years at a slowed down pace and I have now gotten used to my sluggish body. It’s crazy that only when I realized that my hair’s health was deteriorating due to my body not receiving and retaining enough iron, is when I took my iron deficiency seriously.

I jumped on amazon and grabbed the first vegan iron supplements I found that offered a gentle infusion of iron because constipation is not something I want daily. I found these vegan, plant based iron supplements on amazon and I am so happy i did. I was making sure that I was eating a healthy, balanced diet most of the times (still working on portion control y’all). I was filling up on iron-rich foods like spinach, peas, and salmon. Another tip I was given by my doctor was to look for “iron-fortified” on labels of packaged foods. I was making the mistake of drinking my coffee and taking my supplements at the same time. I later learned that caffeine is an inhibitor when it comes to the absorption of iron into our systems. I had no idea but now I know better. I encourage constant learning because sometimes you may have good intentions and think you are doing the right thing which I was, but in actual fact my timing was wrong. I started taking my iron at night and let it do the work and not have to be hindered by the caffeine intake I take throughout the day. #winwin

Hairloss Revolution conducted a very insightful 420 person study on whether or not iron deficiency causes hairloss; here’s the article

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