Obsessed With Hairstyle Perfection

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IMG-20180107-WA0060.jpgI was minding my own business looking for something my bank account would probably decline and suddenly I felt the light tap on my shoulder. I turned around and the first thing I noticed was her beautiful lace front but as my eyes adjusted focus, I did notice that her foundation was the wrong shade. I smiled and said “Hi?” in an awkward timid voice. She made me nervous because to me the first thing you do when you tap someone on the shoulder is say what it is you want. Not stand there and smile till you get a reaction out of someone. “I like your braids, did you do them yourself?” “Yes I did thank…” “Yea I could tell, they’re cute but, a good way to finish those ends is to either burn them or soak them in hot water so they don’t fray.” Wow, she didn’t even let me finish my sentence. It’s ok though, no harm done, she is clearly in a hurry to educate me.

IMG-20180107-WA0054.jpgAwkwardly I said “thanks I did dip them in water, I prefer not to burn mine as it can become a bit scratchy.” She looked at me from head to toe and said “I was just trying to help” I was so confused. In my mind I was screaming ‘ok what’s your deal?’ I said “thanks for the tip” and started to walk off. She then in a demanding tone, suggested that I try threading my eyebrows as it clearly was time for a touch-up. In this moment I realized she was just a hurt soul trying to spread the pain. I rejected that energy transfer and my tone changed from timid/confused to certain/precise.  I had to express myself in a way that directly and indirectly sent the messages to her loud and clear. I sure hope she received them.  I told her I had tried threading and I hated it. With emphasis I explained to her that I like the bushy look. Though I like makeup I prefer some aspects of me to remain true to me. See, the truth is sometimes I will contour my nose and other days I want to enjoy my natural shape. At times I will gel down my edges, other days I won’t. I told her how beautiful her wig looked. She started to respond and I cut her off. I wished her a good day and called her my SISTER.

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