6 Hair Trends We Are Leaving in 2017

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For many years now we have been hearing and reading about many horror stories when it comes to hair and beauty as a whole. Today we are creating a list of natural hair no no’s we will not carry on to 2018. The new year approaches and we need not deal with the same foolery we have dealt with throughout the years up till now. Let’s embrace growth!

Relaxing our edges. imagesGirl! I know you want the sleek edges and the leave-out to match your weave but get this, try some beeswax, try some strong edge control and maybe just embrace your curly edges and buy weave that matches your hair. Stop trying so hard to look like your hair grows like theirs. It doesn’t and it never will. Just accept your hair and do what works for the health of your hair.


  1. Love this post! Oh don’t forget the vicks vapour rub, cayenne pepper and all. Lol, you are definitely right about using organic on hair and not treating the body internally, that’s messed up right there. This was interesting to read. I also do posts on hare care, if you’ll like to check it out.

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