Do You Deep Condition? Here’s What I’m Currently Using

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Hi there. I knew coloring my hair would somewhat double the hair maintenance part of my regimen. My hair requires moisture and protein now more than ever because I colored it. This has allowed me to try new products thanks to winning a giveaway (reviewed in a previous post) and receiving a goodie package from my dear friend.

Today I am reviewing my current 3 favorite deep conditioners.

1. Obia Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner

I tried this vegan deep conditioner and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised. Well I already new that the ingredients were going to be very nutritious to my hair, that was never a doubt of mine. What surprised me was the consistency and how it worked on my hair. The first thing I do before applying any product is smell it. Scent is very important to me because I get headaches when scents are too strong.  This deep conditioner smells fresh. I was so happy about this because flowery scents literally make me sick (like serious headaches) including some minty scents too.

Though my hair is highly porous, I still prefer light creamy masks and product for it. It’s on the thicker side of masks. If you hold it upside down, it won’t spill. This worried me at first because thick deep conditioners usually just sit on my hair and fail to penetrate my strands but this one gave me no problems.

As far as using this conditioner to detangle well, I’d say it has enough slip for a post detangling, detangling session. Lol I mean after you already detangle your hair then you can also further detangle with this one for good measure. It’s not enough slip for an initial detangling session if your hair is pretty tangled ya feel me😉

It is very easy to wash out. I had no residue left on my scalp. I usually avoid my scalp anyways but product of course does travel so I always check my scalp after rinsing out my hair. This one passed the test. As it is slightly thick, I thought it would be a long process to wash it put but once it touches water, it melts away.

After rinsing out my hair I can confirm that it is very moisturizing. Even before washing it out I noticed that my shrinkage was super shrunken! This is an indication that my hair drank up a lot of it. I also felt that my strands felt stronger. No pimp noodle strands here! Hello, it’s VEGAN! It’s all natural. It claims to balance pH ummmm ok. Till I purchase strips to test my hair, I can’t comment on that yet. My hair is shiny, strong and moisturized though.

*Issa yes for me

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