Grey Hair For The Win! #AgingLikeFineWine

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As an early bloomer I have also wondered whether my hair will start turning early. For a while because of how older ladies around me reacted to grey hair, I have had a fear of it too. Society somewhat has a way of making one feel discarded as they age. So I believe women coloring their hair is their attempt to keep old age at bay. The more I am becoming self aware and falling so deep in love with all of me, I have realised that I lost that fear; of aging.

For this reason alone I found myself scouring the net for pictures of gorgeous ladies rocking their grey tresses. I have always been attracted and enamoured by wisdom. Everything that comes with it. With age, you grow wiser and there is nothing more captivating to me than to sit awhile and listen to words of wisdom. As a child i would find myself eavesdropping on grownup conversations, not only because i was a nosy kid no. But because I wanted to never miss an inspiring story.

I’m not naive. I know how society has  created this small box for women and created so many rules and regulations to live by. Due to this fact, women instead of feeling nothing but pride and empowerment, are ashamed of their stretch-marks and c-section scars. Instead of encouraging a struggling new-mom, we shame each other. We are in constant competition with each other and in most cases stabbing each other in the back and for what? Women have become so empty to the point that they feel worthy only when putting another down. There is enough sun for all of us. Body shaming, mom shaming, victim blaming and so on are major problems we need to eradicate.

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