Hair Crushin’ vs Hair Envy

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Our eyes wonder and our minds are daily stimulated by things we find desirable based on our past and present influences. Natural hair started off as something really basic to me because girl, it’s just hair. The more I watched youtube tutorials and read natural hair blogs I quickly realized that natural hair is in actual fact, a movement. I then decided that I too needed to help inspire, educate and send a message of self love.22773591_10156048207327125_50415071_n

I have found many comments on my videos and other people’s videos where people have expressed jealousy over the texture or curl pattern another natural sista has. At first I brushed it off and took it as a compliment but the more I saw these comments the more I realized that  maybe, just maybe, I am not relaying my message across in an effective way. I set out to help people fall in love with their hair, not for them to view their hair as less than beautiful.22811220_10156048207307125_338613551_n

My audience is small compared to those we consider gurus in our natural hair community so the fact that these low self-esteem disguised as compliments statements were on my pages worried me greatly. How many naturals are #jealous or feel #hairenvy when they watch a perfect wash and go video or a bomb twistout tutorial? This really has become a worry for me because I do my best to show my hair in all stages, before and after styling. I show the true nature of my curl pattern; the frizz, the kinks and coils in order to give a true visual description of the naturalness of my strands. My hair is not always neatly #laid my edges are not always #snatched and still there is beauty in that.

I hear you already. You might think I’m over analyzing, I’m doing the most. Maybe so. I just want to make the thin line between a cute hashtag of hair envy and actual hair envy very clear and bold in order for all to notice and steer clear.22782327_10156048207292125_1781750769_n

Natural hair is and has been going through so many challenges like texture discrimination, hair dye rendering you to not be considered natural, long hair versus short hair and now this. The movement is for all young, and old women of color to fall in love with their natural hair. Whether your hair falls under the 4c or 3a category, whether your hair is bra-strap length or a twa, and whether you rock your natural color or decided to bring some vavavoom to your hair with some highlights or a complete color change, you are to love you hair.How to Prepoo Natural Hair?


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