Curls Blueberry Bliss Product Line Review

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I won a giveaway. This is the second time I’ve won some natural hair products and I feel so blessed. So look, I was browsing the gram and saw that I was tagged on the #curls200k giveaway. Skeptical and pretty much sure I wouldn’t win I entered anyway. I was moved by one of Patricia Bright’s unboxing videos and thought to myself, “How can you win if you don’t enter Yem?” And here we are. Curls sent me the complete product collection from their Blueberry Bliss line.

Today I am reviewing each and every product as I’ve had adequate time testing and experimenting with them. I’m yet to try the vitamin supplements so that review will come once I’ve weaned this child of mine. Will we make it to 2 years? At this rate, we just might. For all products across the board, No sulfates, parabens, artificial oils and color, silicones and fragrances can be found in these products. What I also live about these products is that in the directions they advise you on when to apply each product. Take the Hair Growth Oil for instance, you are advised to apply is after your leave-in and before your gels or creams. They also let you know if you should apply on wet or dry hair and I find this helpful for everyone even natural hair ‘gurus’ because sometimes we get stuck in our ways and just assume all products will respond the same way. Products are manufactured and designed to act and respond in a certain way to each other in a product line. I break the rules of course, but I just think it’s a helpful thing for a company to give guidance.

Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Wash and Hair Mask

20171008_123048These are to be used together so I will review them together. I already uploaded a video review of these products so please watch it when you get a chance.  In a nutshell, I love these two. I enjoyed the no sulfate hair wash as it is very moisturising. I normally just wash my hair in the shower but this wash directs us to leave it on for 10mins after application then rinsing it out.20171008_121327

I was a little nervous because creamy hair washes like these normally leave residue on my scalp after rinsing it out but this one did not. I always do the fingernail check (where i gently run my finger on my scalp to see if any residue was still on it) and this wash passed the test. It is extremely easy to rinse out. It doesn’t overwhelm you with never-ending suds. My hair felt and looked clean and smooth. Again please check my video for a visual. The hair mask is my favorite in this pair. It is creamy and smooth. I love that i could detangle with it. 20171008_121519

Being that this line does not include a rinse-out conditioner, I definitely needed this product to have detangling properties. I also love that it is creamy and not too thick to where it won’t move if flipped upside down. I tend to have a hard time with thick deep conditioners because they normally don’t penetrate my strands instead they just sit on my hair till i rinse it out and what’s the point in that? This mask is recommended to be left on for 15 minutes for a regular conditioning treatment and 25 mins for deep conditioning. Of course I’m a rebel and always leave in my masks for at least 30 minutes. 45 minutes is my sweet spot. Ok let’s get a little real for a minute because i was wondering why I hadn’t tried these product yet. I mean they have been on the shelves for a while. I went online as I was researching more about the ingredients and I immediately realized why.

These products are in no way low end. In no way are they high end either. They lean towards the mid to high-end for Natural Hair Products depending on the product. The hair wash and mask both cost $15. Both are 8oz and to be honest, for that price I prefer the mask to be about 16 oz as I have quite a bit of hair and definitely and deep condition a lot especially now that I have colored my hair. I deep condition twice a week at times now. The price for the hair wash is ok because i only use it once a week so it lasts longer.


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