I Colored my Hair….WTF

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I’m 29 years old now. I will be 30 next year. I am getting a hair cut on my 30th birthday so I am choosing now to do every crazy drastic thing to my hair. I want no regrets when the day comes. Why am I cutting my hair at 30? Child, that’s a whole new post and will probably be on my other blog someday.

20170826_121733I chose this crazy bright auburn color because I am not interested in playing it safe. I am working from home again and I have the ability to own my appearance without conforming or explaining. #blessed I really wanted a drastic change but there are a few things i missed before actually applying this hair color. Revlon claims no ammonia which is awesome but from my understanding many companies used this as a bleaching agent. I thought to myself oh cool, so i can color my hair without the harsh chemical agents. 20170826_121750

I wasn’t a fool though, I knew that the developer was is used to do a process the professionals call lifting my hair. The problem is that I had virgin hair and the developer level was 20. This is the reason why my hair wasn’t identical to the girl on the box! Had i used a developer of higher grade and maybe had i bleached my hair to oblivion, i would have my light auburn color.

In retrospect, I am happy with the end result. On the actual day of application i was disappointed but i have a whole year to play with random colors and this was a learning experience.  In the near future i will update you on what has changed in my hair care and maintenance routine.



Of course I recorded the process so check that out below:


My next color will definitely be easily visible even in the worst of lighting. I mean c’mon. I am right in front of my ring-light in this next pic and i can’t see the color!!


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