Best Gels for Natural Hair

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PicsArt_08-20-01.50.27Here’s a rundown on this past week’s shenanigans. As tedious as it sounded, I had to do it. I challenged myself to style my hair in one of the most strenuous styles for a consecutive 5 days. Not only is this style time-consuming in terms of the preparation, the application then maintenance should you decide to stretch it to multiple-day wear, it is also dangerous to your strands because it causes tangles and knots. I was to document the styling process and my thoughts at the end of each day. Sure it sounds oh so do-able but lest we not forget that I have two toddlers, a husband and a puppy. All 4 plus me have demanding schedules. Alas, I conquered.

It’s safe to say that in the natural hair community, the go-to brand for hair gel is Ecostyle Gel; be it olive oil, argan oil or any other oil infused, this is the brand for people with kinky, curly, coily textures and patterns. I wanted to try some from that brand that was launched not too long ago, and a few from the store shelves that have the potential to be curly-girl friendly. I just like the ability to have options and a variety to choose from.

For those that get a sense of satisfaction from watching hair-styling videos, please do check out my videos and subscribe to my channel linked below. This post is to merely summarize my thoughts on each gel and let you know whether or not any will make it on to my re-purchase list. Alright, on to the gels in the order of use:

  • Tresemme Flawless Curls Gels

This gel is light in consistency but defined my curls very well. My hair had shine and was in place all day. If you live in a humid place like I do, this gel is good at fighting humidity. The scent for this gel is very light and clean. There is no perfume or sweet fruity scent which I greatly appreciate. When hair dries, it stays in place and thank goodness there was no crunchy hard feeling to it. I rate the hold as 8 for this gel. As far as my curl pattern, I enjoyed the ringlets that my hair dried in. It gave my curls a tight pattern and I loved it. This gel goes for $3.98 at Walmart. It’s a gel that doesn’t cause drying to your hair and that may be because it doesn’t contain alcohol. For an 8 oz bottle I get 3 uses and for a light gel on my hair, I think that’s awesome because at times it takes a lot of product for curls to form and strands clump together.

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