The Easiest Hairstyle Ever

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As a full time stay at home mom, I somehow manage to keep my stay at home job satisfied. I mean seriously, I now understand the memes that have tired looking women just thanking God they survived the day. I love it, but I’m not gonna lie; it’s challenging. I have found ways to cut down my time spent doing various things in my household. I now meal prep, have designated times for cleaning and I style my hair for the week on Sundays.  This was I have enough time to focus on the two kings my Creator has blessed me with, plus everything else.

This week I’m showing you how I succeed at being a lazy natural. I’ve had the ponytail I used for this style for two years. It was under $10 and for synthetic hair, it’s proving to be worth the money. After moisturizing and sealing my hair I applied my favorite Ecostyler gel generously all over my head. I did have my hair blown out this time but this is always optional.

This ponytail lives in it’s box awaiting use so when i pull her out; she needs some TLC. I spritz a mixture of my everyday rinse-out conditioner and water. This helps moisturize and ease the detangling process. I never use combs and brushes I stick to using my fingers, this way I do not disrupt the curl pattern and cause unnecessary frizz.

The video tutorial on my channel has a clear tutorial on how I achieved this beautiful chic style.





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