Braiding: Fake It Till You Make It!

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20170404_143848[1]Last year I set out to learn how to cornrow and I believe i halfway achieved my goal. Well, enough to get away with this cute hairstyle I’m showcasing today. The beauty of crotchet braiding as a style is that you can get away with the most shady looking cornrows and walk out the door looking like a tonne of money. Looking at this bomb pics, who would know that the braiding skills of this stylist are substandard? I had a number of people ask me how much i charge to braid and do hair! ME!? Charge and do hair???!!!

20170404_142857[1]Here’s the deal, to pull this off you do need a basic knowledge of how to cornrow. The actual cornrow you crotchet the fake hair to doesn’t have to be neat and perfect, but the final large braid does. Thank God for Ecostyler gel for bringing the whole look together. Look at those edges! Look at how sleek and neat my hair looks!! In my video tutorial i showed you how you achieve a seamless transition from your natural hair to the hair extensions so that there isn’t a harsh line of demarcation between the two. As you can see in this picture the braid starts with my hair but it’s not easy to tell where my extensions come to play.

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