Allergic to Fake Hair????

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yemuraicrawford-1494122253624[1]I’ve always taken for granted the fact that I’ve never experienced an allergic reaction. I hear the horror stories of children being rushed to the E.R. for ingesting some type of nut or fruit and at times bee-stings are the culprit. Never in my adult life did I think that something as lifeless as synthetic hair, could and would cause an inconceivable pain I couldn’t bare.

After watching many tutorials on how to crotchet my hair I decided to try it out. I stepped into my local beauty supply store and purchased the prettiest curly hair i could find at a reasonable price. I came home, did my best at cornrowing my hair and installed my crotchet style. It felt like an eternity, the installation i mean. In total I spent about 5.5 hours on my hair but due to the fact that I’m a human with kids to tend to, I had many breaks and completed the following day.

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