Dealing with Multiple Curl Personality Disorder

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I laughed my heart out when I came across an article on a natural hair website that addressed this sickness. Comical as it may sound, it did answer a lot of questions and solve or give relief to some of my frustrations when dealing with the multiple curl patterns my natural hair possesses.
In many of my videos and since my 2nd big chop, I’ve complained about how the “bang” front section of my hair has a different curl pattern than the rest of my head and that at times, ruins my planned styles. High puffs flop forward, wash and go’s look wonky and limp, twistouts having to be pinned down or revamped in the front and the awful heat-damage appearance when wet are some of the problems I’ve faced when styling my hair.
Ugh!!!!!!!!! “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING????”
 Finally I have some answers!!!!

The way we style our hair plays a major role. For years we put more tension on certain areas of our heads. We all have our go-to hairstyles; high puffs, high and low buns, protective styles, the list goes on. As we keep pulling our hair it loosens that curl pattern. My hair is loosely coiled at the front than it is at the back and crown areas. This is because I put more tension on my front and sides, trying to achieve these elaborate styles.

Maybe if I just accepted my hair was still a bit too short for a sleek low bun my curls would be uniform. Maybe, just maybe, if I didn’t force my ‘awkward stage’ hair length hair into a  ninja bun, my curl pattern would not jump from 3c to 4c as you journey your way from my forehead to my nape.

Genetics do play a part in how our strands are structured too. It is important to note that our strands are not identical to each other so this too gives insight as to why some strands appear different from others yet on the same head.

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