5 Foods That Promote Healthy Hair Growth

On average, hair grows at a rate of half an inch every month. This means, each year, an individual is supposed to have 5 inches of hair growth. Diet plays a vital role in hair growth, so a good one will ensure that your hair is growing to its maximum potential.
In my previously posted video, I detailed the essential nutritional components that our hair needs. Today, I’m sharing 5 of the many super-foods that aid in healthy hair growth.

We all love products that do more than one thing right. Coconut oil for example, is moisturizing, healing, edible, we love oils because they are anti-inflammatory and have antioxidants while at the same time, moisturizing and stimulate blood flow. We love products that offer multiple purposes at once because this reduces the amount of time and money we spend on beauty.

 I have a list of super-foods that offer more than one essential ingredient to aid in hair growth.

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Dealing with Multiple Curl Personality Disorder

I laughed my heart out when I came across an article on a natural hair website that addressed this sickness. Comical as it may sound, it did answer a lot of questions and solve or give relief to some of my frustrations when dealing with the multiple curl patterns my natural hair possesses.
In many of my videos and since my 2nd big chop, I’ve complained about how the “bang” front section of my hair has a different curl pattern than the rest of my head and that at times, ruins my planned styles. High puffs flop forward, wash and go’s look wonky and limp, twistouts having to be pinned down or revamped in the front and the awful heat-damage appearance when wet are some of the problems I’ve faced when styling my hair.
Ugh!!!!!!!!! “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING????”
 Finally I have some answers!!!!

The Mane Choice Natural Hair Products

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