Fingercoils on Natural Hair

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One thing I set out to do this year is experiment more with my natural hair. I have never finger coiled my hair in my 5 year #naturalhairjourney.

As I am still recovering from all the hormonal imbalances that pregnancy brings to the table I was a little worried. My hair curl pattern is not consistent so I feared my hair would not mold properly into coils.

I’ve attempted starting my husband’s dreadlocks and I remember using clips to keep them in place and reduce shrinkage as they dried so I decided to do that with my coils. I have high porosity hair so I knew my hair would start drying fast. I really love how my hair turned out.

In this video collab I did with my YouTube sister from Ghana MiraNatural233, I attempted to recreate her finger Coil video using my DIY Flaxseed Gel; watch it here

I did mention it was a collab right? Here is her video, check her out and let her know I sent you;)



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