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I remember the first time I attempted a flattwist hairstyle. I was so confident in the knowledge I had acquired from the multiple YouTube tutorials I had watched. Somehow however, I ended up with one side of my head facing down and the other up.

I kept quizzing myself; was it because I was right handed? does the technique change when I switch sides? I took it down, twisted again and ended up with the same results. WTF?!

I loved both sides, separately, not together. I had to figure out a way to make them look the same. So I practiced, practiced and practiced some more and finally, I mastered the downward facing flattwist. My quest was not over.
I loved the look of the upward facing twists so I took to YouTube and my mirror, parted my hair and practiced. Here we are now, I have mastered two awesome protective styles and here to share. All you need is a bit of hand-eye, finger-placing, hair-grabbing coordination and you are good to go.
What I love about the flattwist is that once mastered it is quick to install and takedown. It’s a style that can be worn anywhere and at anytime.
This style can be done on wet or dry hair; curly or straight hair; with or without products. It’s all a matter of preference really.
I have easy to follow tutorials on my YouTube channel that will help your process of learning the Flattwist less time consuming compared to mine.
You Are Welcome 😉




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