ACV Rinse for Hair & Scalp Health

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A natural way to cleanse and heal your body is ingesting Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). This same ACV can be used in natural hair care. Below are 6 ways in which apple cider vinegar aids in the health of your hair and scalp.

1. Cleansing and Clarifying
Our hair is occasionally looking dull and lifeless. Hair is weighed down by the accumulation of all the products we apply to our hair. It’s ok to use shampoos to was our hair but the #nosulphates gang us running the natural hair streets at the moment so the better alternative along with black soap is the ACV rinse. Let the rinse sit for no longer than 5 mins as studies have shown that it takes the ACV about 3 minutes to break up/dissolve the molecular structures of the product buildup.

2. Balances The Hair pH
The products we use such as shampoos, gels and conditioners, disrupt the natural pH of our hair and scalp. Apple cider vinegar has a pH level which is close to that of human hair. Consistent rinses with ACV can help bring the scalp and hair to its ideal acidity.

3. Reduce Frizz & Add Shine
Frizzy hair is caused by lifted cuticles on the hair. Because of the balanced pH I mentioned above, the cuticles become smoothed down causing your hair to have less frizz. Hair appears dull when the cuticles are raised. This makes it hard for light to reflect of the hair strands. After the ACV rinse and the cuticles are down, the hair gets a shinier and healthy appearance.

4. Detangle
Once the cuticles are smoothed down, knots and tangles are easily removed as the comb and fingers slide through the strands smoothly.

5. Reduce Hair Porosity
Hair porosity plays a major role when it comes to length retention. In most cases, high porosity is the result of damage to the hair. To manage the porosity one can use an apple cider vinegar rinse to flatten the cuticle and reduce the size of the gaps in the hair shaft.

6. Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties
Many scalp issues like hair loss, and itching are caused by fungus and bacteria. ACV contains acetic acid which can kill bacteria and fungus. Constant ACV rinses help in preventing the growth of bacteria and fungus. Maintaining the natural pH of your scalp, creates a hostile environment for the fungus and bacteria.

The video here shows how I make my ACV rinse and in the video here I give you tips on how NOT to use ACV.



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