Egg Whites vs Egg Yolk?

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This will be the easiest post in history! The first thing most naturals do is “cook-up” an at home, kitchen recipe, egg and mayonnaise concoction. This is thee DIY for hair isn’t it? Why eggs? What is it about the egg that makes it so great for our hair?
Do I use the whole egg pot just the whites? They say don’t yolk is bad for my health but cholesterol is ok for hair? I’m going to quickly run down the egg conundrum and help everyone understand how these life producing oval shaped items give life to our hair.

Eggs Benefits:
Egg Yolk provides fats and proteins while naturally moisturizing the hair.
Egg Whites contain bacteria eating enzymes that remove unwanted oils

When to use whites and yolks:
Different parts of the egg deliver and possess different properties; this in turn translates to the egg catering to different hair types.

Normal Hair – use whole egg

Dry Hair – use egg yolk

Oily Hair – use egg whites

How to apply:
Some like to do this right after a shampoo and some before. Some on wet hair some on dry. I prefer to shampoo my hair to remove any product build-up. After my hair is 85-90% dry, I then apply my egg mask. This is because I want to make sure maximum nutrients seep into the strands and hygral-fatigue is avoided.
After application, wear a plastic cap and let it do it’s magic for 20-30 minutes or sit under a dryer for 10-15 minutes.
You should never use hot water on your hair. Rinse out with cool water! I’ve made the mistake of warm water and it took me forever to remove the cooked egg bits from my kinky textured hair. Every curve of my curls and coils trapped some amount of cooked egg. Learn from my mistake guys!

When to apply:

A solid protein and moisture balance is vital for hair. I alternate my deep conditioning treatments. So if I do protein this week I do moisture the next 2 weeks then protein again. Every third week is a protein treatment for me.
Well guys, keeping your hair type as addressed above in mind, when you use whole eggs or egg yolks, you only have to do this once a month. My hair falls under the normal type so I use the whole egg. Egg whites can be a twice a month treatment.

If ever I need a quick protein boost, I do egg whites. Whites strip away oils as they strengthen using their awesome enzymes, so I add penetrating oils to the mixture such as olive oil to replace and add removed oils.

The oils I add vary between carrier and essential oils. Just add what your hair needs



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