Egg Whites vs Egg Yolk?

This will be the easiest post in history! The first thing most naturals do is “cook-up” an at home, kitchen recipe, egg and mayonnaise concoction. This is thee DIY for hair isn’t it? Why eggs? What is it about the egg that makes it so great for our hair? Do I use the whole egg pot just the whites? They say don’t yolk is bad for my health but cholesterol is ok for hair? I’m going to quickly run down the egg conundrum and help everyone understand how these life producing oval shaped items give life to our hair. Eggs … Continue reading Egg Whites vs Egg Yolk?

How To Be A Fearless Natural

Heat damage, split ends, single strand knots, breakage, alopecia, protein overload and many more natural hair terms and words cause every natural hair having, curl defining chick, sleek edge slaying, wash ‘n’ go snatching, boss babe think twice before styling or treating their hair. Why is there so much fear when it comes to the #curlnation. I found myself spending more time “protecting” my hair than actually enjoying it. Tell me what’s the point of having such fierce tresses if one can’t / shouldn’t flaunt them.

After years of trying to find the balance between enjoying my self expression through my hair and keeping said hair, on my head. I have finally figured out how to protect while flaunting.

Today I will focus on the most feared natural hair killer – heat damage.

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