July Favorites!!! Products for Natural Hair

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil will always be in my regimen. It has been part of my regiment for years. Never seizes to impress. My hairstyles are a tad happier each time I apply it to my hair! Coconut oil Is an oil that should be in every pantry!

Castor Oil
This one made it on the list this month because my scalp has really calmed down since I made it a regular in my regiment. As we progress into the cooler months, I will use it for my hair too. My strands will need that extra protection.

Vo5 Conditioner
The slip! Oh the slip this conditioner gives me!!! As I did some product reviews some of the conditioners weren’t quite conditioning and this baby came to the rescue and helped me detangle. Looking forward to trying more from this brand.

Avocado Oil
I honestly haven’t felt the need to replace my Olive oil. This oil got the job done just as well and in some instances even better. Avocado is lighter in scent and texture, even the pigment is lighter than olive oil. I recommend trying it.

As an African, Zimbabwean to be exact, head wraps is a staple in our culture. Infact, it’s rare to walk the streets and not see a woman in a headwrap. I collect scarves whenever I can. I found these at Dollar Tree. This kind of softness for $1.00? What a steal.

Mason Jars
These are the best ever! The shape got my attention from the jump! It’s not a regular 8oz jar. It’s wide and short! Perfect for storage! The opening is wide enough for my oversized hands too!

Oh my gosh! Though I’m still waiting for my organic, natural Beeswax, I have to give a shootout to this product. This is the wax that introduced me to the styling wonders of beeswax! The hold and shine i get is to die for!

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