Beeswax For Natural Hair Styling

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For a while I’ve been searching for a product that actually does the job of reducing and ultimately preventing frizz. I had no idea it was in my product stash all along. Beeswax has been used for years to style hair but my introduction to it was through my sister who used it to install and refresh her dreadlocks. Because of this I just never thought of it as a styler for my own hair because I was quite misinformed.

It was my thinking that the beeswax Is what locked the hair but that’s very incorrect. The process of hair tangling and knotting together is what creates the locks. The products used just help to hold the style in place.

Beeswax is insoluble in water and this also gives it ability to repel water/moisture which means that it’s an anti-humectant.

Hair styling:

*Beeswax is used in so many ways that i was shocked to realize yet made sense after thinking about it. It’s used for example, as an edge tamer and to smooth away fly-aways. Of course it’s mostly used in creating dreadlocks.
*When styling, it should be the last step in styling hair. Since it’s insoluble in water, it’s a great sealant. This means that there is no moisture evaporating out or penetrating into the hair shaft. It’s important to moisturize the hair Before applying the beeswax in order to avoid te hair from drying.

Dealing with Build up:
*Use little amounts. Beeswax heavily coats the hair strands. So it’s important to cleanse and clarify the hair to avoid build-up.
*In addition to using clarifying shampoos you can use other means to remove the wax from your hair.
Beeswax can be removed from the hair by applying olive oil to the hair, and then rinsing it with warm water before you wash it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using this product in this summer heat. The humidity is quite high outside and having a product that combats frizz is awesome!


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