Shea Butter for Hair and Skin

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With the way hair and skincare are always a topic of discussion, I’m sure finding a person who hasn’t heard of or tried Shea butter is quite rare. I’m particularly proud of this picture I used because this is the first DIY whipped Shea Butter I have ever created. I mixed in olive oil and coconut oil. I liked it, but loved the experience of creating my own products. There’s something about creating, producing and preparing things for my own use.

When one searches for Shea butter two types usually pop up; the Ivory/White Shea which is what i always order (not to be mistaken for the bleach white refined Shea butter)and is pictured in this post, and the Yellow Shea Butter. There is unrefined and refined and also Grades A-D. The difference between these is the way they are extracted and processed. It’s always best to go for unrefined products in my opinion because they are not altered by chemicals. They are in their most natural form. The unrefined butter maintains it nutty, earth scent and nutrients. Commercial grades remove this scent and the end result is a bleach white butter that is odorless and retains little to no nutrients.

As for the differences between yellow and white unrefined Shea butter, is minor. They both come from the same Shea Nuts but are processed differently. To get the yellow color the root from the borututu tree is added in the milling process. Shea nuts are form the Karite tree that if found in central and western Africa.

Let’s talk Benefits and uses:

*Ingestion – the raw unrefined Shea Butter can actually be used as an oil to cook with.
*Protection against heat and UV rays. It has an SPF of 6 so it can be as a sunscreen lotion and for hair too.
*Natural Inflammatory. This butter has anti inflammatory properties that help reduce the puffiness
*A sealant for hair to retain moisture. Shea butter absorbs into the hair but forms a layer to coat the hair and trap the moisture in.
*Scalp relief. It soothes dry irritated scalps by moisturizing the skin and creating a barrier from the environmental irritants.
*On scars to aid collagen creation
*Lip Balm. Of course if it works on your skin and is 100% natural one must try to soothe and moisturize the lips and see what happens. All i can say is, “Who needs carmex?”

I won’t go deep into the science that corroborates these benefits and uses, I just wanted to share the different uses and benefits. There are a whole lot more and a plethora of sites that inform us on it all. When something works for me, I like to share my findings. Just like how I’m so excited about coconut oil and how it’s uses are too many to mention in one post. So I will leave that for later.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

By the way, I buy my Raw Unrefined Shea Butter from Amazon. Stay tuned for posts on how I incorporate Shea Butter and other natural products in my Natural Hair Regimen.


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